About Tree Butler

Wes Sanders is a 7th generation native Texan, born and raised in the greater San Antonio and Austin areas. Being raised by a multi generational cattle family, he has spent countless hours outdoors, working the land and with heavy equipment. His work ethic, integrity, and fairness were fundamentals taught to him by his grandfather, a decorated veteran of WWII and life member of the South Texas Cattle Auction.

Dripping Springs became home in 2017, since then firewood delivery and sales were the backbone of Wes’ business, although storm and disaster clean up tend to be a strong avenue for him. Storms are unpredictable if you want to stay local and not travel EVERYWHERE.

Wes realized soon his best skills and happiest place is trimming trees, large removal, working outdoors, and land clearing. After the storms of 2023 he knew it was time to grow his love for this work into more than side jobs and form a business to help the community he calls home.

The Tree Butler takes the work ethic and fundamentals Wes has known his whole life and marries them with honest hard work to give you white glove results. When you call you get WES on the phone, not a robot. Build a relationship with someone local, not a crew that will be here and gone tomorrow with little accountability.

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